Why a wood burning fireplace?

Wood burning fireplaces offer the awakening of all the senses and a passion for fire. The pleasure of watching the fire, hearing and smelling the burning wood is a scenario that goes back to the past and family traditions, recalling stories and good times.

This fireplace fulfil its function in winter, the heat and well-being through the burning of wood, a unique visual and auditory pleasure, compared to other heating equipment makes it the queen of fireplaces, in the decorative aspect it's the central point of any space, providing a cosy and comfortable place that transports us to other times through the observation of the flames. In terms of using heat, most of it comes out of the chimney. To increase the efficiency of wood burning fireplaces, it's common to apply a heat recovery unit.

Wood burning fireplaces are economical and ecological because the combustion material is wood, if you live in the countryside it will be easy to buy wood to feed the fireplace. For those who live in the city it is no longer that simple, to get firewood you will have to buy from a supplier near you. It should be noted that dry wood is the best fuel because burning will be more efficient.

In terms of brands and design, we have all kinds of models, stoves, modern metal fireplaces to traditional masonry or cement.

As for the precaution and maintenance to take, before deciding your purchase you must take into account the conditions of the space where you will want to install your wood burning fireplace, it must be a large place as you will also need space to store the wood. Obviously you need a chimney and it must be checked annually so that there is no risk of fire by obstructing the air outlet, you must install protective accessories due to the sparks of fire that can jump and reach areas around the fireplace. At the end of each use, you should clean the ashes to prevent their accumulation and odours.

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