Why an outdoor heater?

On the terrace, on the porch, in the garden, your private space deserves in the coldest months a heater for moments of leisure, surprise your friends with a comfortable and welcoming space outside your home. The types of outdoor heaters available on the market are gas and electric, they are efficient and safe, they allow the regulation of the heat intensity according to the area, air temperature and more.

The gas outdoor heater is ideal for a large area, as a general rule, the terraces of restaurants, bars and cafes opt for this type of heating, it is the most efficient, safe, economical and portable. They can have different shapes, like crown or mushroom, to imitate a pyramid-shaped wood fireplace, etc.

The electric outdoor heater only needs electric power to work, it is simple to install, usually fixed to the wall. The heating system can be either radiant or via infrared light. Some models in addition to the heating function also function as lamps, allowing a more welcoming environment and saving electricity. There are also models of electric heaters for interior, pieces of modern design that look more like living room lamps, high-foot or wall fixed, with remote control and energy regulation, with or without light. Consult us, we want to help you decide which heater is best for you.

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