Why a gas fireplace?

Gas fireplaces are very efficient in heating, just click on a button to start generating heat, with or without a chimney, the degree of efficiency is high, the heat loss is minimal. The functioning for this type of equipment is based on technology, some manufacturers offer an App to install on a smartphone or tablet where the user can manage various parameters of their fireplace, power, consumption, etc.

This type of fireplace is very common in cities, many buildings have a piped propane or natural gas supply facility, providing savings, comfort and cleanliness, which allows you to choose almost any location in the apartment where you want to install the equipment, and you do not need to have one. space to store the combustion material.

Gas stoves provide efficient heating and are a good option, from modern to classic models, we have a wide offer.

With regard to safety and maintenance, this equipment must be checked and certified regularly by entities accredited for the purpose so that there are no gas leaks, the maximum temperature applied to the equipment also has a limit per square meter and must be respected. The great advantage is that it does not produce residues of combustion after its use.

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