Why an electric fireplace?

Electric fireplaces are an almost perfect illusion of fire. Let's imagine a TV from the latest generation, with a 3D image of the fire, wooden logs, the sound of firewood crackling, it is a realistic simulation of the traditional fireplace. The manufacturers of electric fireplaces make this equipment more and more real, they can even work only with the image of the fire without turning on the heat source.

In this equipment the heat is generated through the ventilation of hot air, it is possible to control the level of heat and flame with a remote control, such as the TV in the room. In terms of safety, there is no smoke inhalation and reduces the risk of fire. They are easy to install, just plug into an electrical outlet and is ready to use, they do not produce remnants of the flames and of course there is no need for a chimney or maintenance of the appliance.

Consumption may vary, it depends on the model, it is true that they consume more energy than a traditional heater, convenience has a price to pay.

The electric fireplace can be inserted in the wall, suspended on a piece of furniture, portable, which helps transportation to any room in the house. Visit us and discover our offer of electric fireplaces.

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