Why a bioethanol fireplace?

Bioethanol fireplaces are modern, ecological and efficient, ethanol is a biofuel produced from plant products.

Its combustion produces only CO2, the heating efficiency of this equipment is excellent, the heat losses are almost zero.

It is a very safe fireplace, does not generate smoke, smells or dirt, it can be installed anywhere in the house because it does not need a chimney.

The fuel, ethyl alcohol, is biodegradable and its price is affordable, it can be easily purchased at several commercial establishments.

To start the fireplace is very simple and comfortable, just click on a button and adjust the flame on the burner. Consumption: 1 liter of ethanol can last up to 4 hours depending on the size of the flame chosen. The maintenance of this equipment is simple, use a multi-fiber cloth with a detergent solution specifically for this purpose.

In terms of safety, fuel must be handled with great care as it is extremely flammable and kept out of the reach of children.

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