Why a barbecue?

Because a barbecue is an excuse to bring the family together and enjoy a good BBQs. When choosing a barbecue you must take into account the characteristics / models / accessories, the space you have available and what equipment is adapted to your needs and lifestyle.

Barbecue or Grill? What type of combustion to choose? Firewood / Coal / Gas. Maybe electric?

Grills are fixed, in cement with brick or stone, they can use 2 types of fuel, charcoal and wood. They are modular, allow you to choose different configurations, with counter-tops and dishwashers, shelves and drawers, a wood oven, etc.

Barbecues are a modular or portable option. The modular barbecue is excellent for those who have a garden, we have a modern range of high quality BBQs with all modules and accessories so that you can make the most of a beautiful barbecue. The portable barbecue is ideal and versatile for those who do not have much space, for example it can be used on the balcony of an apartment.

Talk to us, we will help you decide which is the best and most practical BBQ for your life.

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All grills Flammkraft are manufactured in Germany and inspected by the company to ensure quality standards for an exceptional product.


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